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Men and women alike can now make unwanted facial or body hair a thing of the past. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors! The CoolGlide hair removal system delivers 21st century technology in our clinic for the treatment of this distressing problem.

What is CoolGlide?
The CoolGlide system presents a revolution in hair removal. Using technology beyond that of other lasers, the CoolGlide can disable hundreds of hair follicles in less than one second and promises long-lasting results.

Our CoolGlide hair removal system is a non-invasive laser specifically designed to eliminate undesired hair from all parts of the body. The CoolGlide system generates intense, long-pulsed light through an actively-cooled handpiece. This effectively disables unwanted pigmented hair follicles, thus impairing their growth. The laser's cold handpiece is placed gently on the skin and glides along. As pulses of light penetrate the skin, it selectively damages the root of unwanted hair.

The CoolGlide can remove hair from all parts of the body including the face, legs, arms, underarms and back, as well as sensitive areas like the chest, nipples and bikini line.

Are there any side effects?
Short-term side effects may include slight reddening of the skin. These effects typically last less than an hour but, on rare occasions, may last a few days.

How many treatments are required?
The number of treatments you may require for optimal long-term benefits depends on the area you wish to have treated. The hair grows in cycles and many factors influence its growth. Age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet, medication and metabolism all play a part in your hairs location, thickness and resilience.

Does skin colour make any difference?
CoolGlide can treat the widest range of skin types because of innovative technology, cooling handpiece and treatment flexibility. Now we can customise each treatment, matching the appropriate treatment with the patient's skin type.

Are there any restrictions to my activity after treatment?
After your treatment, the area is cleaned and you can return to your normal activities immediately. Your nurse may recommend that you use a specially formulated skincare product line or prescribe a skincare regime especially formulated for your skin type. The use of sunscreen is recommended on any treated areas exposed to the sun. As always, it is a good idea to limit your sun exposure.

How does CoolGlide compare with other hair removal methods?
Shaving, waxing and depilatory creams are all temporary methods which must be repeated on a frequent basis. Hair removal with CoolGlide offers longer-lasting results.

What are CoolGlide treatments?
CoolGlide's wand, as the name implies, cools and soothes your skin as it glides along. No local anaesthetic or pain medication is typically required. No case of erythema or pain has ever been reported. Moreover, no melanin damage has ever been present in dark complexion clients. (No light or dark skin pigmentation). The system does not have the harmful properties of x-rays or ultraviolet.

Unlike some other laser hair removal systems, Altus Medical CoolGlide Lasers are approved by the Federal Drug Authority (F.D.A.) in America. Unlike other laser treatments, no anasthetic cream or "Emla" cream is required prior to treatment. Therefore treatment is immediate, and the quoted price is the price you will pay (there are no hidden charges).

About the Author | Laser Hair Removal Clinic | Laser Hair Removal Books | Contact the Author
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